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Electrode Series


Electrode Series
pH electrode CT-1003

pH electrode CT-1003

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    Product Name:pH Electrode CT-1003

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    1 PH electrode product name: CT-1003 Laboratory PH electrode

    2 Products:

        CT-1003PH composite PH electrode pH glass electrode and a silver-silver chloride reference electrode composite shell acid and high-temperature glass repression continuous 24-hour work. It is of a pH meter measuring the key element, for measuring the pH value of the aqueous solution of hydrogen ions in depth, widely used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and research utilities PH detection.

    3 PH electrode Features:

        When the PH electrode used for the first or long home without, activated 2 hours electrode ball soaked in 3.3N potassium chloride solution Sino-French

       Measurement should be washed in distilled water and wipe dry with filter paper to prevent impurities into the electrode bulb and liquid contact Ministry should also be immersed in the test solution within

       The CT-1003pH composite electrode, not to be added to the outside of the reference solution.

       CT-1003C pH the composite electrode be adding 3.3N KCL outside the reference solution.

    4 PH electrode technology indicators:

    Model CT-1003
    Temperature (ºC) 0-50℃
    Connection form
    Zero potentiometer (PH) 7±1
    PH range 0 ~ 14
    Alkali error (mV) ≤15
    Internal resistanceMΩ(25ºC) ≤250
    Theoretical percentage slope% ≥97
    Terminal Blocks  BNC plug
    The repeatability (pH): ≤0.017  
    Size 160*12mm 

    i55. PH electrode installation: Scaffolding.

    6. Ordering guide:

        PH electrode and instrument cable plug: BNC connector; Y blades; pins.

        Need the bracket, ordering specify. Standard unworthy.

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