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Electrode Series


Electrode Series
ORP electrode CT-1111

ORP electrode CT-1111

Product number:SN20160224101417148

  • Detailed description:

    Product Name:ORP electrode CT-1111

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    1 Product Name: CT-1111 ORP electrode

    2 Products:

         CT-1111 ORPPH electrodes using PTFE liquid interface of the international state-of-the-art solid dielectric and a large area of clogging, easy maintenance

         Reference long-distance dispersal routes, greatly extending electrode life in harsh environments

         The PH electrode made of high quality low-noise cable, allows the model output greater than 40 meters in length, no interference

         High accuracy, fast response, good repeatability

         Widely used in medicine, chlor-alkali industry, pigment dyes, pulp and paper, environmental protection, electroplating and other industries on the redox potential of detection

    3 PH electrode Features:

         PPS / PC shell, the upper and lower 3/4NPT pipe thread, easy installation, no maintenance

          No need to supplement the dielectric, little maintenance

         Correct operation and long service life

         Electrodes can be used with similar foreign electrode swap

    • 4 Technical indicators:

    • Model CT-1111
      Temperature (ºC) -5~80℃
      Connection form Cable (shielded cable)
      Measurement accuracy ≤ 2mv
      PH range ±1999 mV
      Response time ≤ 10sec
      Material PC.PPS
      Platinum (Gold) purity 99.99%
      Terminal Blocks BNC head, Y-piece, inserts
      Overall connection 3/4 inch outer thread
      Size 188*31mm 
    • 5.ORP electrode installation: can be side or mounted vertically in the reaction tank or pipeline.

    • 6. Ordering Guide

    •     ORP electrode and instrument cable plug: BNC connector, Y blades, pins

    •     Electrode cable length: 5 meters standard, can be customized according to user requirements

    •     The electrode installation: flow-through, sunk, flange type, Piped

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