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Electrode Series


Electrode Series
PH electrode CT-1001C

PH electrode CT-1001C

Product number:SN20160222144034869

    Detailed description:


    Product Name:pH Electrode CT-1001C

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     1 Product Name: CT-1001C PH electrode

     2 Products:

        CT-1001C PH electrode using international advanced solid dielectric and a large area of PTFE liquid interface, clogging, easy to maintain

        Reference long-distance dispersal routes, greatly extending electrode life in harsh environments

        The PH electrode made of high quality low-noise cable, allows the model output greater than 40 meters in length, no interference

        High accuracy, fast response, good repeatability

        Online PH detection are widely used in medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, electroplating and other industries

    3. PH electrode Features:

        PPS / PC shell, the upper and lower 3/4NPT pipe thread, easy installation, no maintenance

       No need to supplement the dielectric, little maintenance

        Correct operation and long service life

       PH electrode with similar electrode interchangeable abroad

    4 PH electrode technology indicators:

    Model CT-1001C
    Temperature (º C) 0~80℃
    Connection form Cable (shielded cable)
    Zero potentiometer (PH) 7±0.5
    PH range 0 ~ 14
    Withstanding pressure (MPa) 0.6
    Internal resistanceMΩ(25ºC) 250
    Theoretical percentageslope% >95
    Terminal Blocks BNC head, Y-piece, inserts
    Overall connection 3/4 inch outer thread 
    Size 188*31mm 

    6. Installation:

        PH electrode installation: flow-through, sunk, flanges, pipes type.

    7.PH electrode ordering guide:

        PH electrode and instrument cable plug: BNC connector, Y blades, pins

        Electrode cable length: 5 meters standard, can be customized according to user requirements

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