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pH / orp controller series


pH / orp controller series
pH/ORP controller CT-6659

pH/ORP controller CT-6659

Product number:SN20160222142753158

Detailed description:


Product Name:pH/ORP controller CT-6659

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1 Product Name: CT-6659-type industrial PH meter

2 Products:CT - 6659 Industrial PH meter instrument set pH measurement and control and redox measurement and control in one of the multi-function intelligent instrument. Its full-featured, stable performance. And simple operation. It is the most cost-effective an instrument of such instruments. Widely used in electroplating factories, circuit board, fermentation, food processing, sewage treatment occasions.

3 Features:Microchip's chip, 96 × 96 international standard housing. Quality components, with LED display, isolated 4-20mA current output, dual relay control, high and low alarm indication, power-down memory, no battery backup, data retention more than a decade.

4 Technical indicators:

Power supply   

AC 220V(160—250V)50Hz

Overall Power Consumption



001PH    1mV

Measuring range

014PH    2000mV2000mV

Set point


Ambient temperature


Automatic temperature compensation 



The LED LCD indicates high and low of the double four

Ambient humidity


Parameters are saved

≥ 10 years

Output mode

ONOFF        420mA

Output capacity

AC 250v3A     DC30V3A

Input impedance


Insulation R


Meter size


5 Industrial PH meter standard configuration: Standard instrument one electrode a, PH (4.01; 6.86; 9.18) buffer set.

6 Ordering guide:

PH electrode and instrument cable plug: BNC connector; Y blades; connector (directly connected with the instrument).

Electrode cable length: 5 meters standard, and can be customized according to user requirements.

Electrode installation: flow-through sinking into the flange-ducted.

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