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pH / orp controller series


pH / orp controller series
pH/ORP controller CT-6658

pH/ORP controller CT-6658

Product number:SN20160222142854655

    Detailed description:


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    1 Product Name: CT-6658-type industrial PH meter

    2 Products:CT - 6658 Industrial PH meter instrument set pH measurement and control and redox measurement and control in one of the multi-function intelligent instrument. Its full-featured, stable performance. And simple operation. It is the most cost-effective an instrument of such instruments. Widely used in electroplating factories, circuit board, fermentation, food processing, sewage treatment occasions.

    3 Features:Microchip's chip, 96 × 96 international standard housing. Quality components, with LED display, isolated 4-20mA current output, dual relay control, high and low alarm indication, power-down memory, no battery backup, data retention more than a decade.

    4 Technical indicators:

    Power supply         

    AC 220V(160—250V)50Hz

    Overall Power Consumption



    0.01PH    1mV

    Measuring range

    0~14PH    一1000mV~1000mV

    Set point


    Ambient temperature


    Automatic temperature compensation 



    The LED LCD indicates high and low of the double four

    Ambient humidity


    Parameters are saved

    ≥ 10 years

    Output mode

    ON/OFF        4~20mA

    Output capacity

    AC 250v/3A     DC30V/3A

    Input impedance


    Insulation R


    Meter size


    5 Industrial PH meter standard configuration:Standard instrument one electrode a, PH (4.01; 6.86; 9.18) buffer set.

    6 Ordering guide:

    PH electrode and instrument cable plug: BNC connector; Y blades; connector (directly connected with the instrument).

    Electrode cable length: 5 meters standard, and can be customized according to user requirements.

    Electrode installation: flow-through sinking into the flange-ducted.

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