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Industry knowledge

Pen pH meter is a simple portable pH meter

2016-04-19 15:46:38
    If the electrodes do not measure should be put on the yellow protective casing, which enables the electrode in a wet state, it helps extend the life of the electrode. Every month or so, to deal with pen PH meter electrode cleaning, first with gentle water spray attachment, then soak the electrode in the cleaning solution for some time, and then washed with water. Sensor holder should also be cleaned. After each cleaning, use a buffer solution for calibration
Pen pH meter is a simple portable pH meter, pH value of the solution was measured by solid state ISFET. It can be replaced with a reference electrode, automatic temperature compensation, calibration methods varied, rapid response, less sample, and easy operation. Installation pen PH meter are flow-immersion two.
Regular maintenance of accurate measuring instruments and helps prolong the life of the instrument. It should be noted dedicated cable between sensor and transmitter can not be wet, otherwise the low voltage high impedance electrode signal will not be sent to the transmitter.
Sewage treatment plants are generally used in immersion installation, export overflow tank where the wastewater treatment plant pen PH meter installed in the oxidation ditch, pH value here than a representative, and smooth flow of the pen PH to not be a big impact.
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