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Wireless floor heating and air conditioning thermostat knowledge

2016-04-18 15:46:06

Wireless floor heating thermostat knowledge

A room thermostat, also known as the air conditioning thermostat:

Wired floor heating and air conditioning thermostat (also known as the room thermostat) Product Introduction:

 Wired floor heating control system, including air conditioning thermostat and the central control unit, connected through wires. The series includes three room thermostat (air conditioning thermostat) including the standard type, special type and anti-tone type air conditioning thermostat. The boundary of the built-in timer (optional) cartridge system can be divided into two areas to separate temperature control.

Product Code: LCD heating thermostat TH-202, TH-203 LCD heating thermostat, TH-208 LCD heating thermostat, LCD heating thermostat TH-402, TH-202 fan coil thermostat, TH -203 fan coil thermostat, TH-208 fan coil thermostat fan coil thermostat, TH-402, TH-601 wireless thermostat.

Room air conditioning thermostat is widely used in home heating and air conditioning system control small electric switching valve, the pump and the operation of the boiler. The air conditioning thermostat can be used alone, as a control element can also be used in combination with other controllers.

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