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The scope and proper maintenance of the pH meter

2016-04-19 15:42:36

    PH meter is measuring the pH value of the instrument. Body pH meter is a precision potentiometer. The determination of the composite electrode inserted in the test solution, due to the acidity of the test solution (hydrogen ion concentration) different and produce different force, it will be amplified by the DC, concluded that by reading the indicator (voltmeter) test solution pH. Widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields. The instrument is also food plants, drinking water plants do QS, PHCCP certification essential testing equipment.

Currently electrodes are used in the lab composite electrode, the advantage of ease of use, without oxidizing or reducing the impact of substance, and the balance faster. When used, the upper electrode liquid inlet of the sleeve and the lower end of the rubber sleeve rubber sleeve is removed whole, in order to maintain the hydraulic inner electrode potassium chloride solution is poor. Put the following simple use and maintenance of the electrodes to make an introduction:

1. Before use, check the front of the glass electrode bulb. Under normal circumstances, the electrode should be transparent without cracking; inner bulb to be filled with a solution, not a bubble exists.

2. When measuring a large concentration of the solution, try to shorten the measurement time, carefully cleaned after use to prevent the test solution adhered to the electrode and electrode contamination.

3. After cleaning the probe, do not wipe the glass membrane with filter paper, and the application of dry filter paper, to avoid damage to the glass film to prevent cross-contamination, affecting the measurement accuracy.

4. Note that the measurement electrode silver - silver chloride internal reference electrode should be immersed in chloride buffer solution within the bulb to avoid the emergence of digital power meter display portion bounce phenomenon. Attention must be paid to the electrode gently thrown a few.

5. When not in the short term, can be fully immersed in distilled water or 1 × 10-4 in the hydrochloric acid solution. However, if the long-term need, it should be dry place, avoid dipping water absorption with washing liquid or other agents.

6. The non-dehydrating medium such as ethanol, potassium dichromate is used.

7. The electrode can not be used acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

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