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Analysis of laboratory instruments PH meter various classification

2016-04-19 15:44:18

    PH meter classification there are many, from different precision can be classified, from reading the index can also be classified using the environment with the element type can still be classified under a single introduction, main categories explained pH meter, depending on the situation began to sub-categories are different acidity meter manufacturers -PH meter manufacturers - SECCO environmental equipment.
According to the environmental class uses
Can be divided into pen PH meter, PH meter portable, laboratory and industrial PH meter PH meter and so on.
Classification accuracy
ph meter instrument can be divided into 0.2, 0.1, 0.02, 0.01, and 0.001, the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy.
Component type classificatio
It can be divided into type transistor, integrated circuit and single-chip microcomputer-type formula, now more application microcomputer chip, greatly reducing the volume of equipment and stand-alone costs; but the chip development costs are very expensive.
Reading indicated classification
Analog and digital display can be divided into two kinds of formula. Analog pH meter is now rarely used, but the pointer instrument is capable of displaying a continuous process of change in the data, so there is used in the titration analysis.
Pen pH meter pH test paper is mainly used to replace the function, with low precision, easy to use features. Portable pH meter is mainly used for on-site and field test mode, requiring high precision and perfect functionality. Laboratory pH meter is a desktop precision analytical instruments, requiring high precision, full-featured, including printouts, data processing and the like. Industrial pH meter is used for continuous measurement of industrial processes, not only a measurement display, but also alarm and control functions, as well as installation, cleaning, etc. considering interference issues.

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