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Conductivity meter failure and repair guide

2016-04-18 15:47:10

Many customers can not solve some small problems in the use of the process of the conductivity delay the work, following the conductivity problem introduce:

1 Power indicator does not light

First boot check whether the reaction observed conductivity meter meter pointer. If the pointer response, the indicator has been damaged or poor contact, dividing resistor open. If the pointer does not have any reaction, check 220v AC power is normal and the fuse is blown.

Indicator light meter pointer reaction

Measuring the output of the DC power system voltage is normal (This instrument uses a series switching power supply).

Voltage measurements at both ends of the resistor fi33 10mv, if so 10mv, then the instrument has been damaged (possibly pointer stuck, or for other reasons), should refer to the table head repair part dealt with; 10mv, fi, the voltage across the measurement capacitor c, both ends of the frequency, under normal circumstances, the low-frequency frequency should be 140Hz, while the high frequency when the frequency is 1100Hz.

Capacitor c, both ends of the frequency of abnormal signal the occurrence of damage to the system this time, you should check vt3, vt4 capacitance resistance. If the capacitor c, feet normal frequency, you should check the capacitor c: negative extreme on the normal voltage generator (measure) in the testing and correction gear. If the capacitor c: negative terminal to ground the normal voltage, then the back of an enlarged circuit fault; if not, or the point to the fault of the measuring transformer.

Some normal gear, some gear is not normal

Check the appropriate gear is normal changeover switch. If the transfer switch is not normal, repair or replacement. Transfer switch is normal, you should check that the gear resistance open circuit or resistance to change.

4. Pointers unstable

Check the electrodes measure the output voltage is stable? If not stable, check 220v input voltage is normal;, a regulated power supply if the input voltage is not normal; if the input voltage, check the rectifier regulator parts. Rectifier regulator part unstable, check the rectifier circuit, the filter capacitor, the regulator transistor whether the problem? If there is a problem, to be replaced. If normal, check the high / low measuring frequency stability? If not stable, then replace the crystal; if stable, then replace the amplifier.

Test instruments sometimes normal, sometimes abnormal

Check each switch, potentiometer, the plug-in is bad? Carefully examine the various components, and repair or replacement of one by one; asked not normal if long, most lead to power shortage caused by the deterioration of a component, which is characterized by the use of a longer period of time, particularly hot components even hot, must be replaced in a timely manner.

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