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What are the technical parameters of industrial PH meter has

2016-04-19 15:45:10

Instrument Description:
GLP compliance with international standards; instrument with three composite electrode, an electrode for automatic temperature compensation and PH measurement, easy to use; with timing measurement function, users can set their own needs; self-diagnosis function measurements help determine the cause of error; the same time, also has RS232 output, data storage and other intelligent functions; instrument IP54 waterproof!

Technical Parameters:
1. Measuring range: pH: -2.00-19.99PH mV: -1999-1999mV temperature: (- 10-110) ℃
2. Accuracy: pH :: ± 0.01PH mV: ± 0.1% FS Temperature: ± 0.5 ℃
3. Resolution: pH: 0.1 / 0.01 pH mV: 1mV Temperature: 0.1 ℃
4. Input impedance: ≥1 × 1012 Ω
5. Stability: ± 0.01 pH / 3h
6. Automatic temperature compensation: (0-110) ℃
7. Data storage: 600 group
8. Storage Content: No measured value, the measured value, temperature value, the ATC or MTC status, date of measurement, time of measurement
9. Communication Interface: RS232
10. Power: DC9V / 300mA
11. Size and weight: 160 x 190 x 70mm / 880g
12. Quality and Safety Certification: ISO9001: 2000, CE and CMC
13.IP class: IP54 dust and splash

main feature:
1. With automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, timing measurement, RS232 output, clock display, feature set and intelligent features such as self-diagnosis information.
2. The data prompted stable flag.
3. Automatic Identification pH standard buffer solution, there are three series of standard buffer solution can be selected: Europe & USA series, NIST series and China series.
4. Equipped with three composite PH electrode, fast response, easy to use.
5. The instrument complies with IP54 rating against dust and splashing all sockets have silicone cap sealing protection.

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